If you are experiencing pain or have an emergency, call 226-887-6483 immediately.

Cambridge Smiles Family Dentistry is a team of experienced dentists that will help you get out of pain now.

We offer you:
☑ Dental insurance direct billing.
☑Full sleep through your appointment with IV sedation.
☑Other sedation options.
☑Same day Emergencies.
☑All dental emergencies accepted.
☑Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) support.

When You Have a Dental Emergency in Cambridge...

Which one of these emergencies do you have?

Cambridge Smiles Family Dentistry has been helping with dentist emergencies for over 20 years and always keeps time reserved in the office’s schedule if you are in pain. here is a short list of likely emergencies that hopefully can provide you with some information before you call.

Dental Trauma:
If dental injury is the result of physical trauma to the mouth or head (fall. automobile accident and sport activities) try to get immediate attention.

Suspected jaw fracture:
Your jaw is usually broken if you have extreme pain and are unable to use it normally.  Immobilize your jaw (tie a cloth around it) and proceed to hospital. The bone might be repaired surgically and/or jaws may be wired together to allow for healing.

Knocked –out Adult tooth:
Rinse the tooth off and place it back in the socket, or under the tongue, or if unable to do that, in mail or salt water. If you get to a dentist within 30 minutes, there is a strong possibility that the tooth can be reimplanted.  Baby teeth if re-implanted tend to fuse with the bone, and cause problems for the adult replacement to occur.

Broken tooth or chipped tooth:
Save the broken pieces, because they may be able to be bonded back to your tooth.  If a large piece broke off the tooth can be saved but may require root canal treatment and a crown

Tooth pain:
toothache or sensitivity should not be ignored, even if the pain is bearable and only last a short time.  See your dentist as soon as possible and report your symptoms.

You can take a pain medication as required, but do not place it against the tooth or gums. Rinse the air with warm water and salt, but avoid extremes of hot or cold or sweet foods and drinks

Other Dental Dilemmas: First aid until you get to a dental office.

Lost filling: food and bacteria will collect here, so rinse the area and place small piece of cotton ball or some soft wax in the hole.

Loose crown or bridgework:
 Place some denture adhesive on the inside and replace in your mouth. Do not sleep with it in place, if it is very loose.

Cracked denture: use denture adhesive to keep in place, save small pieces for repair.

Broken orthodontic wire:
 cover exposed area with wax. If large piece, use nail clippers to cut wire beside tooth.

Canker sores: small sores in the mouth caused by stress, irritation or diet. Usually last 7-10 days. Avoid abrasive foods, acid drinks, and physical irritation of the area. Gel type over the counter medications can be applied to the area may aid in pain relief.

Cold sores: “fever blister” occurs outside the mouth, usually on the lips or under the nose.

There are caused by a virus that stays within the person for life, becoming active during stress full times, extreme sunlight, fatigue. Local gels can be applied to the area to decrease discomfort. Since this is caused by a virus, avoid kissing, sharing cups or utensils with an infected person.

When Choosing a dental clinic to trust, which one of these things do you look for?

1) Your Dental Insurance Covered Electronically?

You only pay the difference and we will process your claim electronically. Insurance plans can be confusing so we can even offer you a complimentary benefits check. We can also extend you 0% financing customized to your budget for larger treatments.

2) A Great Location

We are easy to get to: Located at 410 Hespeler Rd. in Cambridge (right next to McDonald's), about halfway between Highway 401 and Highway 8. Parking is free.

3) Great Reviews from Long Time Patients

We are proud of relationships with our patients and honoured they continually trust us with their health and their family's health also. We currently have a 96% from 126 Google reviews however since the ownership changed in June 2023, it's been 100%.

Just recently, Nick M. wrote

"I am beyond impressed with the above exceptional service I got here at Cambridge Smiles. From the moment I walked in, I was not only kindly greeted and welcomed by friendly receptionists but I did not even have to wait 5 minutes before I was called in to a room. I initially wanted a cleaning and just an overall check up - they first told me they couldn’t because they were booked solid but ended up having luck on my side and ended up having a cancellation so they were to do my cleaning right there and then. The Dental Hygienist extremely friendly and extremely careful at what she does. The Dentist, Dr. Raj ensured that I was taken care of properly as soon as I met him for the very first time. He ensured that he explained things to me as clearly as possible and ensured I understood and answered any question I had. Very friendly and extremely professional. I would hands down recommend Cambridge Smiles for any of your dental work - you will be sure to leave with a smile."

4) To ease your fears and help you, even if you are nervous?

If you fear coming to the dentist, you are not alone. Even if you have putting off coming into the dentist for years, as we like to say "it's never as bad as you think it is."

Just some of the ways we make you feel comfortable here:

a. Even when you first walk in, you are greeted with a smile and there are several complimentary beverages available before your appointment. Tours are available if you would like to walk through and see for yourself before joining.
b. We will walk you through the entire procedure to make sure you know what’s going to happen.
c. We will tell you what to expect in terms of freezing – which a lot of people are most anxious about.
d. Several sedation options are available including fully asleep with our IV sedation (just sleep through your appointment and go home), oral conscious sedation and laughing gas.
e. We encourage you to bring an mp3 player to listen to your favourite music.

5) Doesn’t make you feel bad for forgetting to floss or brush once in a while?

Most importantly, we won't nag you! No matter how big or small your dental issues may be, there are no lectures, no judgements, only beautiful smiles.

6) To have your dentist care about you and make you feel good?

We listen to your concerns and want you want to accomplish with your smile. We go the extra mile to make sure you are educated about your specific dental situation and how it will affect you in the future.
We will call you after your procedures to make sure everything is ok.
We will walk you through all of your procedures and fears so that you are comfortable
We care about your time as well. Thank you to everyone that compliments us on our short or NO waiting times.
You are in good hands…emergencies are handled promptly no matter how busy we are. We offer same-day emergencies and walk-ins.
And most importantly, we aim to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible

7) Your kids to have a fun experience and get healthy?

We welcome kids of all ages. We love hearing from kids and their parents how much fun they had at our office.

At Cambridge Smiles Family Dentistry believe that building a strong education and oral health starts at a young age and to achieve that, they need to learn to not fear the dentist.
To that end, kids ride free under three!

To get them used to the dental office, we offer them complimentary chair rides and a surprise toy at the end.

8) Availability Around Your Hours?

We are available when you have an emergency and open bright and early 6 days a week.

9) An experienced, friendly and courteous staff?

All the staff at Cambridge Smiles Family Dentistry are friendly, respectful, and really enjoy what they do.
And there is a sense of mutual respect with our patients. Don’t you feel safer knowing that the dentist you have chosen has been keeping families like yours healthy for many years?