Sedation offers the benefit of relaxation during dental procedures, ensuring a more efficient experience for patients. Dr. Natt will utilize various sedation techniques to help you feel at ease. If you are interested in learning more about our sedation practices and wish to schedule an appointment, feel free to give us a call today.

What types of sedation are used in dentistry?

  • Inhale minimal sedation: Natt will make you laugh! Laughing gas aka nitrous oxide will be administered through a mask along with oxygen. This gas induces relaxation, and Dr. Natt will regulate the level of sedation according to your needs. If you’re worried about driving yourself home post the procedure, rest assured, as the effects of the gas wear off rapidly and in a very safe manner.
  • Oral sedation: Oral sedation can vary from minimal to moderate, depending on the total dose administered. For minimal sedation, Dr. Natt will give you a pill approximately an hour before the procedure, which will induce drowsiness throughout the procedure. With moderate oral sedation, some individuals may become groggy enough to fall asleep during the procedure but can easily be awakened with a gentle shake.
  • IV moderate sedation (Sleep Dentistry): Here Dr. Natt will deliver the medication through an Intravenous Line (I.V.), which induces a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being bothered by what’s going on. You will experience anterograde amnesia – which means you won’t remember the experience after the drug is administered, until it wears off. There will be a Registered Nurse monitoring vitals as well as offering support post-operatively as you recover.

Reasons for sedation:

  • Anxiety or Dental Phobia
  • Complex Procedures
  • Sensitive Gag Reflex
  • Invasive Treatments
  • Pediatric or Special Needs Patients
  • High Pain Sensitivity
  • Medical Conditions
  • Time-Efficient Multiple Procedures
  • Emergency Pain Management