Should I do sedation with tooth extraction?

Although anesthesia is a must for tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal, dental sedation with a sedation dentist Cambridge is optional. In many cases though, sedation can be helpful and even necessary.

  1. Complex dental extractions.
    Extracting one tooth takes around 30 minutes and is generally tolerated by patients. If the dentist needs to remove multiple teeth at once (like for wisdom teeth) at once or even if the tooth extraction is complex, the procedure can take longer, making the patient anxious. In such cases, sedation is advisable to make them more comfortable during the extended period in the dental chair.
  2. Other forms of dental anesthesia do not suit the patient.
    If the patient is sensitive to local anesthetics or still experiences pain following their use, sedation and painkillers may be necessary for adequate pain control.
  3. The patient wants it. People who have had negative experiences at the dentist may choose to be sedated during a tooth extraction o avoid further trauma or stress, which is perfectly reasonable.

How long does dental sedation take?

The time it takes for tooth sedative to kick in and the time it takes for its effects to fade away depends on the type of sedation used.

  • Nitrous oxide will kick in a few minutes after you begin inhaling it, and its effect should wear off shortly after it stops flowing. Typically, it takes around twenty minutes for your body to return to its normal state after the procedure.
  • Oral conscious sedation in pill form will take more time to take effect. Depending on the type of sedative, you may take it the night before or a few hours before your appointment. Its effects, such as drowsiness and disorientation, can linger after the procedure, sometimes lasting up to several hours.
  • IV Sedation is rapid. Once the doctor injects IV sedation into your bloodstream, it will take a few minutes to take effect. The effects will start to subside when they remove the needle, but you will need at least twenty minutes to come out of sedation and regain function. All the effects should be gone within six hours.

IN order to receive maximum benefits from your sedation appointment, you should have a look at how to prepare for dental sedation.


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